Witan Wisdom Share Plan

The Witan Wisdom Share Plan is a straightforward savings scheme that enables you to make regular or lump sum investments in Witan Investment Trust and/or Witan Pacific Investment Trust.

Why consider a Witan Wisdom Share Plan?

  • We offer you two investment trusts that we believe are suited for most long term savings investors ; Witan Investment Trust and Witan Pacific Investment Trust
  • You can choose whether to have dividends paid out or reinvested to buy more shares
  • The annual management fee for the Share Plan is £30 (+VAT) per annum and the dealing charge is £15 for lump sum investments but there are no dealing charges on regular savings or dividend reinvestment (other than the government stamp duty, currently 0.5% on all equity purchases)
  • Witan Wisdom allows you to set up an account in joint names or designate the investment to a child
  • You can save as much as you like, our minimum regular subscription is just £50 per month/quarter
  • Witan Wisdom offers live online dealing and valuation functionality. We also offer telephone and postal dealing

Please see the Terms & Conditions for full details and it is your responsibility to seek investment advice before making an investment decision.

The above is based on Witan Investment Services Limited's understanding of Revenue law and practice as at March 2018. Please note that tax assumptions may change if the law changes, and the value of tax relief (if any) will depend upon your individual circumstances. Investors should consult their own tax advisers in order to understand any applicable tax consequences. Witan does not provide tax advice.