Witan Pacific Story

Witan Pacific was established in 1907 as General Investors and Trustees Ltd ("GIT"), investing in a diverse range of assets and would go on to survive all the major tribulations of the twentieth century:

  • In 1929, following the Wall Street Crash, GIT avoided the worst having shifted out of Equities and into Cash, Treasury Bills and British Government Security.
  • In 1975 GIT merged with City and Gracechurch Investment Trust.
  • In 1984, GIT was renamed F&C Pacific Investment Trust, reflecting a new Asia Pacific investment policy.
  • In 2005, a new multi-manager structure was introduced, with Witan Investment Services Limited taking on the newly created role of Executive Manager. At the same time, the trust appointed Aberdeen Asset Managers and Nomura Asset Management as investment managers.
  • Following an EGM convened on 18 May 2005, the Company’s name was changed to Witan Pacific Investment Trust plc.
  • In 2012, Witan Pacific replaced Nomura with two new investment managers, which have remained in place since then making three investment managers in total:
    - Aberdeen Asset Managers

    - Matthews Asia

    - Gavekal Capital


(A) All the Directors are members of the Audit and Management Engagement Committee and of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

As at January 2017.

Why Witan Pacific?


Filmed in May 2016