Profile & Objective


To provide shareholders with a portfolio of equity investments in the Asia Pacific region with the aim of outperforming the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Free Index (£).


  • Employ an active multi-manager approach to add value and diversify risk.
  • Appoint managers to access a wide range of opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, seeking capital return and income growth.
  • Aim to increase the dividend per share ahead of UK inflation rates.
  • Employ share buy-backs when the Company's shares are standing at a substantial and anomalous discount to their net asset value.
  • Control costs seeking to maintain ongoing charges (excluding performance fees) of less than 1%.

Why choose Witan Pacific Investment Trust?

  • Access to the pan-Asian region - Witan Pacific invests in companies operating across the region including Japan, China, Australia and India.
  • A multi-manager strategy - three experienced managers with proven track records.
  • The combination of these three managers offers a carefully chosen portfolio of stocks reflecting the managers' best ideas, independent of index weightings.
  • Investment performance - outperformance of the benchmark in 8 of the 9 years since the introduction of the multi-manager approach in 2005.
  • Growing income - twice yearly dividends and the aim of dividend growth in real terms.
  • Governance by an experienced, independent board of directors.



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